Services Management

Services Management/Recruitment


Our knowledge about your activity led us to develop a suitable set of solutions for your problems.

We know that inflexible or semi-rigid structures make management difficult and endanger goals. We are equipped to end these situations.

Our management model, established in complementary processes, follows the objectives and can easily be adapted to any kind of plan, independently from its complexity.

We have in our hands, an incorporated system which allows, in case of need, the innovation and means to investment. 

Investment projects, professional training, services management, recruitment and outsourcing of the most varied activities, will give your company a high potential, able to compete with the many different demands at an international and national level.

The quality and transparency of processes are decisive factors in any kind of partnership.

We have global solutions for the problems that may affect your company, such as production decrease, quality fall, sales volume reduction, investments, training, etc.



In this area, we plan solutions prone to the extinction of structures. Under our guidance, we manage in your company, the upstream and downstream services of the productive, innovative and commercial areas. We offer highly qualified staff, who will offer you remarkable solutions formulation, without any increase in price.

We implement human and technological processes focused on productivity, flexibility and cost reduction improvement.

If you face a difficult or complex service to manage, we are the answer to your problems.

In services management we also help companies to look for the most suitable professionals.

We free companies from unnecessary fixed costs, concerning recruitment and selection.

To recruit well is an investment.

Our recruiting methodology enables a trial period increase, continuously assessing the selected candidate.

Recruitment and Selection; Executive Search and Head Hunting, are suitable processes concerning the search and qualified evaluation of Human Resources. Our methodology overcomes any kind of difficulty.

If you are willing to recruit new staff, we have the solution.

Since the search, we conduct a particular oriented interview focused on the function, we evaluate psychologically each candidate and then present an individual report.



We are a qualified company for Recruitment and Human Resources Selection.

In addition to qualified and highly qualified personnel, we also recruit medical and nursing personnel for many different countries of the European Union and United Kingdom.

We are in charge of the candidate´s pre-selection and first interview, being the selection conducted by Health specialized technicians, who will send the CV and further information to the Hospital Recruitment Responsible, where the recruitment need came from.

Report sending of each single candidate applying for the required position.

We organize the legal process required in the European Union (Countries) and in the United Kingdom.

•   We conduct a Skype interview with the Hospital people in charge.

•   Organization of intensive target language courses, for the candidates with less speaking awareness, so that they are able to communicate more efficiently.

•   Skills qualification process with equivalence application and work permit.

•   Booking of travels for destination.

•   Welcome and follow-up of the candidate, in the early stage in the destination country.


Our recruitment and selection process is divided into three stages:

1 - Meeting with the customer to outline a strategy
a) Collection of data related to the vacancy; hiring method;
b) Recruitment and selection methodology (ads, research sources, interviews, psychotechnical tests and psychological assessment, etc.).

2 - Implementation of the recruitment and selection process:
a) Implementation of the agreed methodology and collection of references from the selected applicants;
b) Preparation of individual reports about the eligible applicants, including all the collected information, throughout the agreed methodology. In each recruitment we will present up to 3 favourable applications.

3- Presentation of the individual report and follow-up of the selected applicant:
a) This follow-up will allow checking if the applicant is adjusting to the position. The warranty period is 60 days during which we will proceed with a new, free, recruitment if the reason for the replacement is the applicant's inadequacy to the position. This fact shall be substantiated.
b) The termination of the contract shall comply with all the applicable legal requirements; we do not accept any responsibility related to the employment contract when the applicant is hired directly by the customer.



In these two areas we use the following methodology:

ES-Direct search in the employment market for professionals for medium management and senior executive positions. Prior assessment of all the selected applicants.

HH-Selection and assessment of senior executives, whose profile is already known, to hold important positions within the company.



In the terms of the article, both the service provider and the beneficiary of the same, are in agreement, in what concerns the following:

- Debts to Social Security;

- Illegal or deceitful workers hiring;

- Lack of payment to workers;

- Debts to Finances.

As precaution, you should require at any time you consider suitable, the following documents:

- Social Security with financial/ tax paying situation settled;

- Finances with tax-paying situation settled;

- Conformity.

Civil responsibility is duly safeguarded by our insurance company.

Our values are ruled by Transparency, Attitude, Loyalty, Innovation, Flexibility and Excellence, in any relationship we establish.

What we do, we do well. Try us!